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what we do

Farizi & Associates Law Office melayani klien melalui praktek hukum preventif. Bekerja sama dengan klien kami, kami memilih rute untuk mencapai tujuan klien dan kemudian dengan Profesional untuk mencapainya. Kami bekerja untuk menghindari masalah terduga dan mengantisipasi hal yang "bisa terjadi." Kami selama belasan tahun pengalaman dengan klien besar dan kecil memberi kita pengetahuan dan keahlian yang melengkapi klien kami dari dari permasalahan dan bisnis mereka . Tujuan kami adalah untuk menggunakan pengetahuan kita tentang hukum untuk membantu klien kami memenuhi bisnis dan tujuan mereka.

What We Do

Farizi & Associates Law Office serves its clients through the practice of preventive law. In collaboration with our clients, we choose the route to achieve the client's goals and then carefully craft documents to achieve them. We work to avoid forseeable problems and anticipate the "could happens."  Our over forty years experience with clients large and small give us knowledge and expertise that complement our client's knowledge of his or her specific business. Our goal is to use our knowledge of the law to help our client's meet their business and personal goals.


Business law is a large part of our practice. We are knowledgeable about laws impacting starting, operating and selling businesses small, medium and large. We have extensive experience in domestic and international transactions.
We have completed over a hundred transactions aggregating billions for buyers and sellers of all company sizes. We have completed transactions for clients  in Indonesia and international. We have advised domestic and foreign companies on a variety of Indonesia and international matters.
We are versed on legal matters impacting businesses every day, such as employee agreements and compensation, leases, sales contracts, real and personal property leases, and multiple varieties of contracts. Businesses represented range from consumer products to manufacturing, transportation, distribution, oil & gas, minerals, chemicals and more.  As a former business consultant and business owner, our principal attorney has worked with outside consultants, and negotiated with state and federal officials while working under the myriad laws and regulations affecting businesses small and large.
The firm’s experience extends to real estate and includes advising real estate developers about land use approvals,  counseling businesses on buying and leasing commercial property, assisting individuals buying and selling residential real estate, including zoning, financing, and related real property matters.

Our Goal

Law Office Farizi & Associate diversified practice enables us to offer solutions to the most challenging legal issues of commercial businesses and individuals. We provide various kinds of services to our clients such as general legal counseling, corporate services and litigation services. Our services are not limited with but can be categorized under the following topics: Real Estate & Construction Law, Investment Law, Execution And Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Corporate Law, Energy & Mining Law, Family Law, International Civil Law, General Civil Law, Criminal Law and Legal Consultancy Services For Companies...


Each client executes a representation agreement for each matter. Depending on the nature and complexity of the matter, the fee may be fixed, hourly, or some combination of each. Every client pays a retainer to be credited against the last payment in the matter. We negotiate all fees at the time of the representation agreement.  Our fees are generally in line with the area and, we believe,  represent value for the product delivered.

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